Metal Pipes

Metal Pipes

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Click-A-Toke is a perfect pipe for you and that's no joke! When you're looking for the perfect ..


Illuminating Metal Spring Pipe

Illuminati confirmed this Illuminating Metal Spring Pipe will blow your mind. It's like a laser ligh..


Large Metal Pipe

The Large Metal Pipe will take you way back as it offers a classic and elegant style that will be lo..


Metal Pipe with Cap

The Metal Pipe with Cap is a classic for anybody in the cannabis culture. The colors vary and they ..


Multicolor Metal Pipe with Cap

A timeless classic Multicolor Metal Pipe with Cap is convenient and discreet. At an estimated 3 inc..


Nut and Bolt Metal Pipe

The Nut and Bolt Metal Pipe offers the ultimate form of discretion. With a quick couple of twists, i..



The Sneak-a-Toke is also referred to as a bullet. These incredible little gadgets are timeless class..


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