Pocket Rocket Torch Lighter

The Pocket Rocket Torch Lighter is a handy-dandy refillable butane gas lighter that is the creme de la creme of torch lighters. Some refer to this as the GF 863 torch butane lighter or the flame welding gun. Either way, you'll love having this Pocket Rocket torch lighter when it comes time to do a dab and everyone else's big tanks have run out. The small size of this pocket rocket makes it a true ally when a torch is needed. As you know if you're looking to fire up your rig a regular lighter just won't do the job. Just like they say the weed has become stronger it seems like it takes a hotter flame to get the job done too. That's why it's always good to have a Pocket Rocket Torch Lighter for backup. Get yours today and while you're there grab one for a friend. You never know when you're going to forget somebody's birthday or need that holiday gift that always seems to be just around the corner.

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Pocket Rocket Torch Lighter

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